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Pharmaceutical Analysis Consultancy

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Mourne Training Services Ltd (MTS) is an independent consultancy specialising in pharmaceutical analysis. The consultancy was set up by Oona McPolin, an experienced analytical chemist and fully qualified trainer, in 2007. The MTS offices are located in Co. Down in Northern Ireland, near the mountains of Mourne.

The solutions for the pharmaceutical analysis laboratory delivered by MTS include: training courses which are delivered as open enrolment courses or as on-site training; auditing and consultancy services focused on the analytical laboratory including expert advice on data integrity in the laboratory; and setting up, delivering and evaluating in-house training programmes; e-Learning courses and training books on pharmaceutical analysis topics.

MTS also provides a collection of free training resources which includes a blog where helpful articles on all aspect of analytical chemistry may be found, and has a virtual environment for learning (commonly referred to as a VLE), e-MTS, where e-learning resources to accompany all our training solutions may be accessed. The range of training solutions available means that you can place your trust in MTS for your continuing professional development (CPD).

MTS is

Core Values

At MTS our aims are twofold:

(1) Develop the best possible training, auditing and consultancy solutions which match the requirements of our customers.

(2) Deliver training which provides the best possible training experience for the individual learner.

To enable these aims we are customer focussed and in all interactions embrace the core values of integrity and respect. We also strive for excellence in the development and delivery of high quality training solutions.

Corporate Social Responsibility

MTS is committed to sustainable living, defined as “Development which meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs”.* In everyday terms this translates into a consideration of all business activities in terms of the social impact, the use of natural resources and the effect on the environment. At MTS we assess the impact of all our activities and adopt an approach which is in harmony with sustainability principles. This includes: purchasing fair-trade products; purchasing products which contain recycled materials; re-using and reducing waste as much as possible; and travelling by bicycle or by public transport whenever possible. 

* Brundtland Report to the World Commission on Environment and Development, 1987


MTS is committed to recycling, reducing and reusing waste.MTS LinkedIn profileMourne Training Services Ltd